About the puppies

Mollies first litter: Tuesday the 8th of May, between 5 and 10 p.m. Mollie has given birth to 8 healthy blue puppies. 5 girls and 3 boys. Mollie has given natural birth and she did great!

One week before leaving for their new home, we had an actual fotoshoot with the puppies. See the results below.



Adele (female)

1 week oud4 weken oud

Antje (female)

1 week oud4 weken oud

Apart (female)

1 week oud4 weken oud

Amigo (male)

 1 week oud4 weken oud

Apie (male)

1 week oud4 weken oud

Ace (male)

1 week oud4 weken oud

Aivy (female)

1 week oud4 weken oud

Arie (female)

1 week oud4 weken oud


The father

The father of the puppies is Azuro (Golden Igor) from Germany. Azuro is a beautiful and very healthy French Bulldog has won many prizes. Azuro's character is sweet, playful and energetic and has conquered many hearts.

The puppies will have FCI-papers.


April 2012: We have been to the vet for an ultrasound. He counted six puppies and all hearts beat strong.

Ultrasound at 4 weeks pregnancy

May 2012: Our vet has also made an x-ray of Mollie her belly. He counted at least 7 little heads, but now it seems there was one more.

Röntgenfoto 7,5 week

Keep a close eye on the site, more news about future litters soon!